Hello again my fellow Earthlings! I come to you again but this time on the move. We are 5 hours into a 15 hour drive. I can’t sleep in the car which is unusual for me so I began writing.

Song: Days by The Drums

From the smallest endeavors like window shopping at all the stores that I could never afford like Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany’s to the larger adventures like our journey to Liberty and Ellis Isalnd, I wouldn’t have wanted to ring in the New Year any other way! Some highlights of the trip include:

MoMA- Museum of Modern Art

It was so crowded you could barely move from exhibit to exhibit and often had to practically wait in line to view some pieces. Despite this it was fun to walk around and pretend to be a cultured member of NY society and I admit I got excited everytime I recognized a painting or artist. I did have to throw a few elbows to get to the front of the crowd to see Starry Night. What we learned is that on a rainy day in NYC most people spend the day at MoMA so expect crowds!

Liberty Island-

Home to the beautiful Lady Liberty. Who she is and what she stands for is a symbol of the promise of freedom this country provides. Something many of us often take for granted. We took a Ferry ride to visit her. The audio tour was interesting and included the stories from people about why they chose to visit  her and what she means to them. Some even told of their relatives and the first time they saw her when they immigrated to the U.S. It was a windy trip but staring up at the 200 foot statue, which was the tallest structure in the Eastern United States when built,was well worth it. She was a beaut!

Ellis Island-

Another ferry ride and we were on the island that was the first stop for so many immigrants before they were to join America as citizens. Another audio tour lead me through these walls from room to room and explained the journey that so many embarked on to change their lives and the future of their families and children. The most interesting part of the audio tour were the first hand stories from those who had gone through the island. Some separated from each other to be reunited later and some sent back and separated forever. A reminder that so many endured so much just to be an American citizen.

One of the most memorable things of this was on the way back from Ellis Island on the ferry. Initially we were slightly irritated to have to stand outside on the upper level in the cold and wind while the lower level that allowed protection from the elements was full. It wasn’t until about halfway through the ferry ride that it began to snow! I was then glad I had been outside to witness it. Big, white, fluffy flakes fell as we walked back to the subway and then to the hotel. I witnessed snow in NYC✨

Half of the fun is just in wandering around the city aimlessly (until your feet hurt) In between these adventures I was also content with the time spent in the hotel coloring in coloring books and watching Harry Potter with a lit of Chinese food and pizza. Although our hotel was about the size of a shoe box it definitely forced our family closer (in all senses of the word) So I am home now preparing to return to GSU and I think that surviving in the chaos that is NYC has prepared me for the return to Atlanta! And so I say farewell to NYC and 2016!


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