That’s a Wrap: January

Hello my fellow Earthlings. So I have decided that for the sake of my own need for reflection and self evaluation I will attempt for a year to document the highlights of the things that I am grateful for each month. So here is to January. You have been good to me! January brings a new opportunity to have a fresh chance at making NEW mistakes to learn from. The Earth has made a full rotation and so have we, and while January is not quite over yet,  here are the things this month that I am grateful for!!


Listen while you read!!

So sometimes (more than sometimes) I find myself super overwhelmed with the amount of music there is to explore and listen to and this month was no different. As I scrolled through my Spotify nothing felt right until I finally Trevor Hall fell back into my lap. I have listened to little else all month. The sound and lyrics take me back to when I was in High school, a time that most of us would rather not revisit, but I am quite fond of the person I was then or rather the person I was growing into. I am flooded with memories of me and my best friend Ashlyn discovering him my freshman year and listening to him any time we were together. When I finally saw him in concert last semester, the High school Rachel was more than pleased. So this month I am grateful for his music and the sweet lil memories I associate with it. I am grateful for the calm it brings when I am stressed out in Atlanta.

P.s. I added a little Mumford in there for good measure


So with the absence of social media I admit that free time between my classes can feel a bit slow and difficult to fill. I have resorted back to the habits that I had before I ever had a phone with apps and internet access. That means carrying a book with me wherever I go. This month that included (drum roll please)…..

INK HEART- Probably at the lexile level of a sixth grader but it is a fun read. I resorted to watching the movie Ink Heart (only after watching all of the Harry Potter movies of course) while I was home at my parent’s house and I remembered how much I loved it. When I made the journey back into the depths of Atlanta I made a stop at my favorite thrift store and was wandering through the used book section. I did a double take when I saw a book title that I recognized. I managed to find a copy of Ink Heart in good condition and took it home as my own. It has been my constant companion this month as I sit in my favorite window seat in ebrik and thumb through the pages.


INK HEART- I am not sure why this movie is so special to me as it is not exactly a work of cinematic genius by any means but it holds a lil place in my heart.

SINGING IN THE RAIN- This month at AMC there was a special screening of classic movies. Matt, Abby, and I saw Singing in the Rain. I fully understand why it is a classic and the fact that it is set in the 20’s just makes it that much better. I loved seeing a young Debbie Reynolds in the film that started her entire career.

GINGER AND ROSA- I am not sure if my love for this film stems from my love for Elle Fanning or the fact that it is set in London in the 60’s during the Cold War and gives insight into what fear and anxiety must have surrounded that time.

P.s. also watch “The Sixties” on Netflix it is real good stuff!



With the weather feeling more like the month of April than January, I have spent more time on the porch at my apartment. Some of my favorite memories this month are set there in that little space lit by Christmas lights complete with a lil blue rocking chair in the corner.



My semester started off slowly while Emily had an assignment due the first week. In preparation for the inevitable stress that comes with a new semester at GSU, I wanted to unwind but not by laying in bed watching Netflix. You know? So I gabbed paint, paper, brushes and opened up my Trevor Hall playlist and had myself a little paint party. It wasn’t long until my favorite people were joining me out on the porch. Emily abandoned her post in the living room to relocate on the porch while she did her homework. With some (a lot) of convincing  (begging) Abby walked out from her room with book in hand and takes her place in the rocking chair. There we all sat in our own world but also very much apart of each other’s. Even small moments like this where we are all together just existing are so special though they can seem so irrelevant. These are the moments I am grateful for.


Bundled up in two blankets and reading by the light of the Christmas lights that hang on the porch, Abby and I sat. Each of us reading our respective books and sipping on mint tea and waiting for Emily to come home. What I love about reading with Abby is that while most people, if they find themselves amused by something they read, they laugh quietly if not silently to themselves… Abby instinctively laughs literally out loud with little regard to the setting or people around her. I love this and I grow to appreciate how honest that is. Don’t ever stifle your laughter. After we read for a while and Emily had not come home yet we decided we would attempt to trick her into thinking we weren’t home by turning off all the lights and closing the blinds as we sat on the porch in silence waiting… almost worked.


One of my resolutions was to spend more time with people from GSU in an effort to move on from my break up with KSU. One of the few people who understands this as much as I do is my sweet friend Hanna, who is also a victim of the KSU to GSU transfer. This month I got to spend time with her as we ate chocolate chip pancakes on the porch and sipped our coffee. We talked about school, how we chose our majors, our families, what we were like in High school, our vinyl collections, and what kind of people we want to be. We kept talking as we scoured through Pinterest in search of some thing we could attempt to paint. Soon the paint was poured and brushes were moving. A lot happened on the porch that morning. Hanna heard Trevor Hall for the first time, learned a little sign language, and there was a lot of laughing about how my paintings looked like the work of a 5 year old (a very talented 5 year old). I am grateful for Hanna’s friendship and that morning on the porch.


With January feeling like April I drove with the windows down and my music pretty loud (sorry if this is one of your pet peeves but yes, I am that person). I pulled up to a red light and next to me is a car full of grown men. One of these men rolls down his window and yells “Hey girl! what you listening to?” I was caught off guard but replied “Half Fool by Little Bird,” I thought that would be the end of the conversation and that the window would then be rolled up and all would be well in the world. I was mistaken. He then asked if I could make him a mixed CD. I said “Yeah sure,” and with that the light turned green and I drove away laughing. I just wanted to remember this interaction and look back at it and laugh all over again.


Me and my roommates often comment on how we never see each other cry or rarely see each other  upset. It can make it difficult to be close to each other when we don’t know how the others are doing. I  know the majority of the time that I cry it is in my car, alone, and I am listening to some really sad song. In an effort to be more open, honest, and vulnerable we agreed to tell each other when we cry and actually talk about it (crazy I know). So on the way home from church on Sunday I cried in the car…typical Rachel (in my defense it was raining and I was listening to this song by First Aid Kit that is super sad). I came home to tell Abby and Emily and I walk into Abby’s room to find Emily crying and I announced “I cried on the way home too.” We all curled up on Abby’s bed and had a good talk and comforting session. I remember just thinking how great it is to have roommates that are genuinely invested in each other’s lives and love and care for each other. I am grateful for God that he orchestrated all of us living together.


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  1. I love this – such a unique little spin on a monthly wrap up! xx

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    1. Thanks so much and I am so glad I found your blog in a comment on the Messy heads! I love your content and your lil playlists! Keep ’em coming!!

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      1. Thank you so much!!! xo


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