February: Not So Lonely Hearts Club



We are almost halfway through the month of February which means we are fast approaching the holiday that splits this month right down the middle: Valentines Day. The day  of the year that seems to draw emphasis upon your relationship status. If you approach the holiday as I do, you remind yourself that it is simply a holiday that is created by businesses in an attempt impose upon us all  the obligation to buy more chocolate, flowers, and stuffed animals. And like me, you actually look forward to is the sale on Valentines Day candy the day after. In any case it does serve as a reminder to appreciate the people we love in our lives whoever that may be. I have decided for the month of February that I will be focusing on and documenting the people in my life that I love and all the things I love about them. Let this month (and every month after) also be a time that we remember all the amazing things we love about Jesus. Am I right?

Also here is a 50’s themed and 60’s themed playlist for the month of February. For some reason when I think of Valentines Day I picture a couple from the 50’s sitting in a quaint diner splitting and milkshake with two straws. So now that I have painted this picture in your mind here is a playlist I think fits that image. From Buddy Holly (50’s) to The Monkees and The Beatles which are of course 60’s!

First on the list of those I adore is my roomie…..



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