Not So Lonely Hearts Club Member: Emily Casazza



Who is she and why do I love her so very much? These questions and many more will be answered as you continue to read the following segment. To answer the question of why I love her, I must approach the answer to this question scientifically…using Myers Briggs personality tests. I am an ESFP and sweet Emily is an INFJ (we are meant be). If that is not enough explanation for you I will elaborate. I love how comforting she can be when I am falling apart (which is a fairly frequent occurrence). I am grateful for the way I can walk into our room and she immediately  knows when I have been crying in my car (again). I love our mornings together that consist of  both of us spurring one another on to get out of bed and start our day. Then there are the mornings when I simply can’t get myself to wake up and it is not until I hear the sweet sound of our gas stove clicking on and Emily putting the kettle on the stove to make our morning coffee that I decide to rise and wipe the sleep out of my eyes. When I am in a worse state of sleep depravity however, there is very little that could tempt me to leave the comfort of my bed. These are the mornings that Emily brings my morning cup of coffee to me in bed in an effort to coax me out of sleep and into the world. You have Emily to thank that I get my daily dose of caffeine and I am able to function as a decent human. I love her use of the phrase “little baby” as a term of endearment and although we pretend to hate when we finish each other’s sentences and  say the same thing at the same time ,I think we both secretly like it. She is very tolerant of my numerous oddities like how I dance around to jazz music in the early hours of morning and late into the night and that many times I sing my sentences instead of speaking them and my obsession with the color yellow. We are always dreaming and planning together although many of these things never become reality half of the fun is the dreaming. She however does hold me accountable for some these dreams and goals and encourages me in my efforts. I admire her consistent pursuit for knowledge in all aspects but specifically her drive to understand God and the Bible. I am grateful even now as I write this and we sit in our respective beds singing together to Hamilton. What I am trying to say is that she is a catch that I was luckily enough to convince to live with me. Get to know her a little better through the interview below!

What is your favorite thing to come home to? – A clean kitchen, the sound of the dishwasher running, and some nice candles burning.

What is your favorite thing to wake up to?- The sound of rain or just the right amount of sunlight through the blinds.

What is the most annoying thing I do as your roomie? – You leave a puddle in the bathroom floor after you shower.

What is your favorite part of our day together?- Mornings as we wake up and drink our coffee together and get ready as we discuss the day to come.

What is your least favorite chore in our apartment?- Dishes are no Bueno!

What is the best part of living together?- Being comfortable with you and singing in the car to Two Door Cinema Club.

What is your most memorable moment of our friendship?-When we counseled together at Swamp and all the Pringles we ate late into the night as we laughed together A LOT.

“I will only stop eating Pringles when my hand is too fat to fit in the can.”   – Emily Casazza

What is the most encouraging thing someone can do for you?-Buy me food (Specifically Kombucha and Taco Bell)

 If you would like more insight into the life and mind of Emily Casazza she has a lil bloggy blog here:

Emily is also doing something crazy on March 11th! SHE IS SHAVING HER HEAD to raise awareness and money for research for childhood cancer. You can support her and donate here:

This has been our Not So Lonely Hearts Club Member Emily Casazza. Tune in to meet our next member:




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